Welcome to the Nathaniel Branden Self-Esteem and Personal Development Blog.

Nathaniel Branden

Welcome to the Nathaniel Branden Self-Esteem and Personal Development Blog.


As this is the first day of the Blog, I want to cover a few basics. To begin with, I do not assume that you necessarily know, just because you are here, who I am or what I am about. Perhaps you decided to drop by only because the title intrigued you— or because you hit the wrong key a couple of times.

So, with as much restraint as possible, here are some of the facts.

I am a practicing psychotherapist, a corporate consultant, and a writer. Over eighty per cent of my clients never enter my office. We work via the telephone— from places as far from Los Angeles (where I live) as Ireland, Singapore, and Moscow.


I have a Ph.D in psychology and a background in philosophy. The books that I write tend to represent a blending of these two disciplines. My books include: “The Psychology of Self-Esteem,” “The Disowned Self,” “Honoring the Self,” “How to Raise Your Self-Esteem,” “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem,” “Taking Responsibility,” “The Art of Living Consciously,” “Self-Esteem at Work,” “The Psychology of Romantic Love,” and a personal memoir— My Years with Ayn Rand.”  I feel an enormous sense of pride in contemplating these titles and what went into them.

My Blog will primarily but not exclusively focus on psychological issues. It seems certain that at some point politics will demand attention.  I am a libertarian (but not a member of the Libertarian Party).

I look forward to reading your postings and maybe having some fun with you.

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5 Comments on “Welcome to the Nathaniel Branden Self-Esteem and Personal Development Blog.”

  1. rdengle Says:

    This is a wonderful idea, Nathaniel. I wish you the best with it, and I hope everyone does have fun, as you said! An unexpected treat.

    Rich Engle

  2. jerryb Says:

    Dr. Branden:

    Congratulations on setting up your new blog!

    I wish you the same success with this new endeavor that you have rightfully earned for your recorded lectures on philosophy and for your many insightful books on psychology and self-development issues.

    Best wishes, Jerryb

  3. brantgaede Says:

    Good luck with this interesting effort, Nathaniel.

    For those not familiar with his work, Nathaniel Branden is a brilliant psychotherapist and innovator, prolific writer and expert on issues and substance regarding self-esteem.


  4. Thank you for your good words, Gentlemen.

    I invite you to share with me any preferences you might have concerning the kind of issues I address here. I won’t always be able to comply, perhaps, but I can promise that what you request will be given thoughtful consideration.

  5. celestecatca Says:

    I have never written to an author before and don’t know if you yourself will be reading this, but I would like to say that Honoring The Self is the most profoundly beautiful book I have ever read in my life. It is a “Work of Art” in every sense. I discovered it about 3 years ago and have read it twice, and would like copies for both my children age 13 and 11. I also have to thank you for your footnotes as these have led me to discover and read the works of Ayn Rand. I think that to express how I feel about Honoring The Self and do this awesome text of yours justice, I would have to write—within non-fiction context—a foreword such as Ayn Rand gave Victor Hugo for ‘Introduction to Ninety-three’ in her Romantic Manifesto (which is also one of the best books I’ve ever read.)
    PS I love the way you responded to Mysticism. It’s the most logical and incisive reasoning that I’ve come across.

    I wish you all the best,
    Thanks for your beautiful writing,

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