My Mission Statement


I have been asked, what is my mission in this Blog?  I want to share what I have learned about psychological well being and what it takes to achieve it. That is one of the reasons I focus so much on self-esteem  (although at some points I will be writing about ethics or culture or Objectivism or Libertarianism). 

            Most fundamentally, however, I will express my mission another way.  My mission is to inspire readers to honor their life and happiness, and to have the courage to fight for them.

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5 Comments on “My Mission Statement”

  1. lisa79 Says:

    Dr. Branden, your fundamental mission is an inspiration in itself. Your messages continue to be as important as the ones I discovered a while back in Atlas Shrugged. The world needs them more than ever! Thank you…

  2. kreso2 Says:

    Is it possible for a young person with low selfesteem to develop high self-esteem without strong influence of someone else (already possesing high self-esteem)? If yes, how to start, and more important – how to persist, considering no role models are currently available in his wider social enviroment?

    Good luck with your happy intelectual blog!

  3. diegoeg Says:

    Dr Branden, I am very happy that you are reaching out to your readers (and the world in general) through this blog. I have always admired your intelligence, insight and direct approach in psychology and your books.

    This blog will give all of us a great platform to share your ideas.

  4. Dear Kreso2,

    In my experience, it would be extremely difficult for a person with low self-esteem to develop high self-esteem under the conditions you describe. I do not like to say it would be impossible because on rare occasions a stunning exception appears—a young person who shatters all the assumptions we take for granted.

    I am thinking of someone who comes from a terrible background, with no form of psychological support visible to the observer, yet who clearly is self-confident, benevolent, and actively intelligent. Psychiatrists who see this trait in young children sometimes call them “the invulnerables.”

    Just the same, generality speaking, it would be very difficult to attain a breakthrough from a low level of self-esteem to a high level of self-esteem if there were no benign influences in one’s life.

    Short of finding the right mentor or therapist, I think books can often be the best rescue agents. Over the years, I have received many letters from people who report that their self-esteem had grown significantly because of reading my books and doing the exercises the books prescribe.

    Recalling those experiences, I sat at my computer for a long stretch of time, trying to figure out how to avoid sounding arrogant or boastful. Let us say I am sure that other people found other books sometimes wonderfully helpful

    However, if you ask me where to begin on the path to self-esteem, my answer is begin by taking total responsibility for every choice, decision and action of your life.

  5. Ralf Wilmes Says:

    Well, here is another reader of your books that confirms a higher level of self-esteem, especially because of the sentence stem exercises. They’ve become a part of my daily routine and they help very much, and besides that, I just like doing them and discover more and more about myself.

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