The Psychology of Romantic Love subtitled: Romantic Love in an Anti-Romantic Age

“The passionate attraction between man and woman that is known as romantic love can generate the most profound ecstasy. It can also generate, when frustrated, unutterable suffering. Yet for all its intensity, the nature of that attachment is little understood. To some, who associate “romantic” with “irrational,” romantic love is a temporary neurosis, an emotional storm, inevitably short-lived, which leaves disillusionment and disenchantment in its wake. To others, romantic love is an ideal that, if never reached, leaves one feeling as though one has somehow missed the secret of life…. 

“I do not see romantic love as the prerogative of youth. Nor do I see it as some kind of immature ideal, inappropriately adapted from literature, that must crumble in the face of “prac­tical reality.” I do see romantic love as requiring more of us, in terms of our personal evolution and maturity, than we generally appreciate. Indeed. that is one of the central themes of this book.”

A brief excerpt from   The Psychology of Romantic Love    on sale in stores February 1st.

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7 Comments on “The Psychology of Romantic Love subtitled: Romantic Love in an Anti-Romantic Age”

  1. Alasdair Cameron Says:

    Hi Dr Branden,

    Over the years, I’ve really valued your more autobiographical writing on your own romantic relationships – precisely because I see you as someone whose life is the best example of the values you espouse. In particular, I’ve appreciated your reflections on the complexity of romantic love: the subtleties and nuances that are sometimes difficult to put into words. Do you think we are ever going to have the privilege of reading about the latest, and no doubt fascinating, chapter of the romantic life and times of Dr Nathaniel Branden?

  2. Dear Alasdair,

    I think I will be laughing for a week, thanks to your wonderful question. However, my friend, a new memoir is not in my plans for the future. Sorry to disappoint.

    With all good wishes,

    Nathaniel Branden

  3. Alasdair Cameron Says:

    Just make sure that someone knows the story! In terms of biographies that attempt to describe the intricate emotional and psychological landscape of an individual’s romantic life, your memoir has yet to be surpassed. Of course, it’s well written, but it’s so meaningful to me because of who you are. Walking, as I am, in the midday sun, I often wonder what sort of romantic delicacies and challenges await me in my sunset years. What I would give to know how you’ve experienced it!

  4. Dear Alasdair,

    Thank you for your good words regarding my memoir. I was deeply touched by your note.

    Good luck.

    With all good wishes,


  5. Ralf Wilmes Says:

    ”always wanted to ask dr. Branden, but were afraid to ask..”. Is there teh slightest chance that you tell us if you are working on a new book and if so, what’s it about? I had to try.

  6. Dear Ralf,

    Why afraid to ask? Have I failed to communicate that we are all here for the fun of of it?

    In 1958, a few months after the publication of “Atlas Shrugged,” I created a 20 lecture program titled “Basic Priniciples of Objectivism” (the name of Rand’s philosophy) and offered it to the world where it became a major success. If you want to track the story this far, I think you would enjoy reading ‘My Years with Ayn Rand.”
    If you want an update, 50 years later, I am happy to report that I am having the “Basic Principles” transcribed , converted to book form, and offered for purchase–
    later this year or early next year, depending how long it may take to find the right publisher.

    Want to help? Spread the world about the new project. Tell your 600 closest most intimate friends.

  7. diegoeg Says:

    Dear Dr Branden,

    I am very excited that you are transcribing the lectures from the Nathaniel Branden Institute. I saw that there are a few in LP format being sold at ebay. My question is: Even though it seems its early in the project, Are you planning on revise and update them? Or keep the original lectures intact?


    By the way, I enjoyed a great deal reading your memoir a few years back. Specially the part where you initially made the “discovery” about the role of self-esteem in people’s lives and rushed to Ayn’s apartment. Also Ayn and everybody in your memoir seemed “real”, three-dimensional and honestly described, with virtues and faults. (Unlike the Showtime movie)

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