Comment Guidelines


A note about comment guidelines, which I neglected to mention earlier. 

If you want to submit a question, please stay within a maximum limit of three sentences.

If you want to submit a general statement that has serious relevance to what this blog is about, the maximum is ten sentences (and do not try to outsmart me by producing sentences with dozens of semi-colons!)

No attacks on anyone’s person or character. Civility and courtesy are the order of the day. 

I am a happy man and I want a happy intellectual blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

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2 Comments on “Comment Guidelines”

  1. veronicaroark Says:

    Hello Dr. Branden,

    I understand your reasons for having to moderate all the comments you receive, but I wonder if you would tell us what are the criteria by which you make you decisions.


  2. I hold myself accountable for the quality of what is published in any form on this blog. If I have the impression that a writer is pontificating, or arguing against a position I do not hold, or trying to impress everyone, or who can’t convey his or her thoughts in a non-muddled way, I do not hit the “approve” button. Might I sometimes I make an error of judgment? Sure. I will do my best.

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